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Uranium: Where Is It?Uranium can be found in soils and waters due to the breakdown (weathering) of rocks containing it Once it is in the soil and water, it can be taken up by plants and consumed by people or grazing animals, or it can dissolve ,...know more

Uranium - Periodic Table of Elements: Los Alamos ,History The use of uranium in its natural oxide form dates back to 79 AD when it was used as a yellow coloring agent in ceramic glaz Yellow glass with 1% uranium oxide was found in an ancient Roman villa near Naples, Italy...know more

Chemical Forms of Uranium - Environmental scienceChemical Forms of Uranium Descriptions of common uranium compounds Chemical Forms of Uranium Uranium can take many chemical forms In nature, uranium is generally found as an oxide, such as in the olive-green-colored mineral pitchblende...know more

Nuclear Fuel Facts: Uranium | Department of EnergyUranium is a silvery-white metallic chemical element in the periodic table, with atomic number 92 It is assigned the chemical symbol U A uranium atom has 92 protons and 92 electrons, of which 6 are valence electrons...know more

FAQ 1-What is uranium? - Argonne National LaboratoryWhat is uranium? Uranium is a radioactive element that occurs naturally in low concentrations (a few parts per million) in soil, rock, and surface and groundwater...know more

Uranium (nuclear)N uclear Fuel Atoms are made up of three major particles: protons, neutrons and electrons The most common fissionable atom is an isotope (the specific member of the atom's family) of uranium known as uranium-235 (U-235 or U 235 ), which is the fuel used in most types of nuclear reactors today...know more

What Is Uranium Used For? | SciencingUranium, the 92nd element in the periodic table, is a heavy metal with a variety of us Uranium was first discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth in 1789 but rose to prominence in 1938 with the discovery of nuclear fission, in which an isotope of uranium, U-235, is split at the atomic level, releasing a great amount of energy...know more

How Is Uranium Enriched?Only a certain type of uranium works in nuclear reactors and bombs Separating that type from the more common kind requires a great deal of engineering skill...know more

How uranium ore is made into nuclear fuel - World ,How uranium ore is made into nuclear fuel Uranium is a naturally-occurring element in the Earth's crust Traces of it occur almost everywhere, although mining takes place in locations where it is naturally concentrated...know more

Uranium Quick Facts - Argonne National LaboratoryUranium Glass Uranium has been used to color glass for almost 2 millennia A uranium-colored glass object was found near Naples, Italy, ....know more

Depleted uranium - WikipediaDepleted uranium can be used as a tamper, or neutron reflector, in fission bombsA high density tamper like DU makes for a longer-lasting, more ,...know more

Why deadly depleted uranium is the tank buster's ,The use of depleted uranium weapons is again causing concern The people of Kosovo have been alarmed to discover that the conflict there has left radioactive contamination, just as it did in Kuwait nine years ago...know more

Depleted Uranium - Public HealthThe process of manufacturing enriched uranium from natural uranium used in nuclear reactors or weapons leaves "depleted" uranium DU has 40 percent less ....know more

What is uranium used for - qaanswersUranium is a radioactive element used in creating nuclear fission reactions It is commonly used in nuclear power plants to generate energy, but ,...know more

Radioactive Antiques | RadTown USA | US EPAUranium was used in the glazes on Cloisonné jewelry to make orange, , Radioactive antiques are usually not a health risk if they are in good condition...know more

What is Uranium, Nuclear Energy - eschooltodayWhat is Uranium (Nuclear Energy)? Nuclear energy is energy in the nucleus (core) of an atom Atoms are tiny particles that make up every object in the universe...know more

What is depleted uranium - and how dangerous is it ,It's still a mixture of the two kinds (or isotopes) of uranium, but it's mainly made up uranium-238 The use of depleted uranium in weapons (right) ....know more

What is Uranium? - U3O8 CorpWhat are the uses for uranium? Uranium is primarily used to produce electricity in commercial nuclear reactors, and currently fuels about 15% ,...know more

Uranium-238 - Factorio WikiUranium-238 can also be extracted from used up uranium fuel cells using nuclear fuel reprocessing Uranium-238 is, along with Uranium-235, one of ....know more

Nuclear Weapons - HyperPhysics ConceptsPlutonium Bomb Plutonium-239 is a fissionable isotope and can be used to make a nuclear fission bomb similar to that produced with uranium-235The bomb which was dropped at Nagasaki was a plutonium bomb...know more

Uranium (Nuclear) - NEEDwas used, the uranium is already dissolved in solution The chemical-ore solution undergoes further treatments to separate the uranium as a precipitate...know more

Uses of Uranium - Want to Know itUranium, with the chemical symbol U and an atomic number of 92, is a silvery-white metallic element with the second highest atomic weight of all naturally...know more

Uranium Facts - Chemical & Physical PropertiesUranium Uses: Uranium is of great importance as a nuclear fuel Nuclear fuels are used to generate electrical power, to make isotopes, and to make weapons Much of the internal heat of the earth is thought to be due to the presence of uranium and thorium...know more

Uranium | Definition of Uranium by Merriam-WebsterUranium definition is , a radioactive element that is used to make nuclear energy and nuclear weapons URANIUM Defined for Kids uranium noun ura ....know more

Uranium Facts - Science for KidsBeside weapons and nuclear power uranium is used in inertial guidance devices such as ballast for missile reentry vehicles, in gyro compasses, ....know more

Chemistry for Kids: Elements - Uranium - DuckstersHow is uranium used today? The main use for uranium today is for fuel in nuclear power plants Nuclear power plants generate power by causing a controlled fission chain reaction using uranium...know more

Uranium - WikipediaUranium is a very heavy metal which has been used as an abundant source of concentrated energy for 60 years Uranium occurs in most rocks in concentrations of 2 to 4 parts per million and is as common in the Earth's crust as tin, tungsten and molybdenum Uranium occurs in seawater, and can be ....know more

Uranium - Element information, properties and uses ,Uranium is also used by the military to power nuclear submarines and in nuclear weapons Depleted uranium is uranium that has much less uranium-235 than natural uranium...know more

Fact Sheet on Uranium Mining 3Fact Sheet on Uranium Mining 3 HOW IS URANIUM MINED? Uranium is found in rock , ISL is particularly used for deposits of a low uranium concentration as...know more

Uranium Mining in iaUranium Mining in ia In recent years, there has been renewed interest in mining uranium in the Common-wealth of ia , What is Uranium Used For?...know more