Workshop: Efficient operation of smart buildings

AMBI consortium is organizing a workshop on Efficient Operation of Smart Buildings. The workshop will be held in the Prague offices of Honeywell on Wednesday August 31, 2016.

Draft agenda:
09:45-10:00 Arrival of attendees, coffee
10:00-10:10 O. Holub (Honeywell): Welcome presentation of the workshop
10:10-10:20 Tour de table: quick introduction of R&D activities and interests
10:20-10:50 H.Dibowski (Honeywell): Ontology-assisted automated diagnostics of building automation systems
10:50-11:20 P. Endel (Honeywell), S. Yuan (TU Delft): Controller performance monitoring for HVAC systems
11:20-11:50 S. Baldi (TU Delft): Holistic HVAC control systems: integration of occupancy, demand response, degradation and maintenance costs
11:50-12:30 N. Cauchi (Oxford University): System identification and formal synthesis of control strategies for HVAC systems
12:30-13:30 Lunch break
13:30-13:40 O. Holub (Honeywell): Opportunities for R&D collaboration in the fields of Smart Grids and Smart Buildings
13:40-14:00 Open discussion

Honeywell ACS Global Labs
V Parku 2326/18,
Prague, Czech Republic

Contact: ondrej.holub at