Webinar: Modeling and simulation of HVAC systems

AMBI consortium is organizing a webinar this Wednesday. Topic of the webinar is simulation and modeling of HVAC systems. Three presentations will be given. The speakers will share their recent experience with simulation and modeling for different use cases:

Harish Satyavada (TU Delft): Dynamic models of HVAC components for real-time analytics and optimal control design
Ondrej Holub (HON): Simulation testbed for building analytics and optimized maintenance
Vahab Rostampour (TU Delft): Building Heating and Cooling System with ATES System (Part One: Model)

We aim at open discussion and fruitful exchange of knowledge. As such, the presentations will not exceed more than 15 minutes each and the rest of time is booked for discussion. Looking forward to meeting you online!

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 CEST, September 9 (Wednesday)
Contact ondrej.holub at honeywell.com for meeting details