Project description

Buildings consume more than 40 % of the energy in Europe. Efficient building automation systems can considerably reduce their energy consumption. In order to sustainably achieve this goal a continuous commissioning and maintenance of building automation systems is needed.

Building maintenance systems typically include many tasks solved by algorithms that are designed using different methodologies. Integration of the dedicated algorithms into one solution represents an ever more complex effort.

The AMBI consortium has teamed up to come with a unified solution for building maintenance. A Stochastic Hybrid Systems (SHS) framework was chosen to describe the building maintenance domain. Unification of building maintenance algorithms within the SHS framework should lead to simplified integration of building management systems (BMS).

Maintenance algorithms require information which may not be available in the BMS. Typical examples include quantities too expensive to monitor or faulty sensor readings. To overcome this obstacle, virtual sensors constitute an integral part of the solution. Special attention is paid to their automated setup exploiting information available in BMS.


Individual scientific workpackages and their novelty:
WP1: Diagnosis and Prognosis
-Holistic view on diagnosis, prognosis and monetization
WP2: Virtual Sensors
-Simple creation of sensors and predictability of sensor quality
WP3: Optimized Maintenance Decision
-Optimized balancing between improper operation and excessive maintenance

Our progress and results can be best learned through the available publications.